El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe, Baja California, México
Beneficiary Amount Donated:

$10,000 - Saint James Infirmary

$15,000 -Instituto San Felipe de Jesús


$10,000 -Casa de Paco
$10,000 -San Felipe Educational Scholarship Fund


$16,500 -Patronato del Colegio de San Felipe de Jesús $10,000 -Casa de Paco

Estrella del Mar Golf & Beach Resort, Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México
Beneficiary Amount Donated:

March 11-13, 2005:
$8,000 -Mazatlán Police Dept

November 18-20, 2005:
$5,000 -Private scholarship fund

January 4-6, 2008:
Scholarship fund for the children of Mazatlan

San Felipe:

The foundation has supported numerous projects in Northern Baja, including rehab centers both for men and for women in San Felipe, the local hospital and numerous educational projects. The foundation has recently made major commitments to two area institutions, Casa de Paco, and Collegio de Jesus.

Casa de Paco is a hospice organization based in Mexicali that cares for terminally ill patients and their families. They currently are working with over 60 patients whose diseases aren’t curable, and who don’t have the ability to care for themselves. The staff and volunteers are remarkable in their commitment to this very difficult work. The community support from organizations like the Universal Golf Foundation is crucial to their mission.

The funding of education is critical to the long term health of both San Felipe and of Mexico. There are two reasons for this. First, without the availability of good schools, talented managers will not bring their families to the area. Second, without a good education, Mexico will not be able to develop the quality of citizens to successfully manage a growing country.

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The Collegio de Jesus currently provides a quality education through the 6th grade, with plans to expand to provide a complete education through high school. The school has lost its lease, and must move from its current site. The El Dorado Ranch has donated land for the new school, and site preparation has begun. The first phase will include classrooms and a computer lab. The next phases will include facilities for middle and secondary schools. The success of this project is entirely dependent on a strong community support. The needs include volunteers for fund raising, construction and management of the school. Financial support is also essential to the success of this project. Money is needed both for construction, and for scholarships for deserving students to attend. Currently about 20% of the students attending the school are there on scholarships provided by the Universal Golf Foundation.

Your support and donations to the foundation go entirely to the charities involved. The board and staff all serve without pay, and exhibit a remarkable commitment to the future of our community. The needs are great, and the opportunities to participate in this special program are many. Please join us.

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